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Food and Drink

Private Events

Allow me.  I offer a wide variety of Cuisines, and food.  With 10 Plus years Experience, I've done everything from Sushi, to Handmade Pasta made from Scratch.  I do private dinners, banquets, including meal prep services. Reach out, and lets have a conversation.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Personalized Parties

Let's have conversation.  Message me with your vision, and let's make it happen.  Dietary restrictions? I gotcha.  With years of experience, I'll plan a menu to help you and party feel welcomed, and bring the restaurant experience right to your home!

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Party of 80 or more?

Do not worry!  With a email through my site, we can have a chat and make this dream, into a reality.  We will plan and execute according to what you are looking for.    

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