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Dish of the Summer Chaufa de Pollo

So I've been out with the guys with Alder in Chesterfield area Knocking for the summer. It's been exciting but also tough work. I've been up here with Michael Manassa, and Jeremiah Boyd and it's been fun learning, Growing and getting to know these guys. It's actually an amazing experience learning to work with people again, and visiting new areas etc. Mike asked me a dish that I should make for him, and I told him about this dish. I was confidently behind it that I stated, "I would put this dish in front of the CEO of Alder, Adam Schanz and would ask him be an investor in my food concept." It was a big bold statement, but I knew that I loved this dish, and I take it very seriously.So I made it for the guys on a sunday cookout, and now it has become a standard in my new Apt with my two roommates Josh and Christian. The cool thing about this dish is that I learned this dish from a peruvian kitchen I worked in where he used a actually Chinese wok to make the recipe. Here's the recipe.

Brian's Chaufa De Pollo

For the Rice

3 C uncooked long Grain white rice (Washed Well, Until water turns Clear)

3 C Water

3 Cloves Garlic

1 T Veg Oil

pinch Salt

For Fried Rice

2 T Veg Oil

2 Eggs

2 Large Chix Breast Cube 1/4 In

1/2 Medium Red Onion

2 Inch Knub Ginger Bruniosse (minced)

Soy TT

1 teaspoon Pepper

pinch Salt

Sesame Oil TT



To Cook the Rice,

In med Size sauce pot, Wash rice till water isn't murchy, the water should be clear, about 5-6 times in washing the rice. Once washed, please strain as much water in pot. Set Aside. Out of the 3 c of water, take 1 c of water, and add 3 cloves garlic peeled into blender until pureed, 2-4 minutes. Add Mixture into pot, with remainder of water, add salt, veg oil, into pot, and cook on med heat. Cook for 8-15 minutes, waiting till rice is cooked through

Rice SHOULD NOT BE CLUMPY, RICE SHOULD BE INDIVIDUAL GRAINS. IF CLUMP RICE, THROW AWAY AND START OVER. Good fried rice has to have perfectly cooked rice, not wet rice.

For Fried Rice,

Add Oil in saute pan, add Chicken, Ginger, Onion and cook until Chicken turns white. Add 2 Eggs, Scramble, and Cook. The deglaze pan with soy sauce, with 2 T of soy. Add Rice, cook for further 5 minutes, stirring bottom of pan so it doesn't stick. Please avoid big clumps of rice, push down with spoon. The trick is to allowing the rice to fry a bit before you mix it. Don't let it burn, but you want to achieve the Wok Burn. Once rice is added, add salt as needed, and soy, siracha etc, Hope all enjoy!

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