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The Season of the Prodigal Son

Above is a pic of Pastor Nathan praying over the Youth at FOB before starting school again. The Comeback Story. It starts with FOB Church. I've been attending here for about 3 months now. Started going here in the beginning of June 2023. and the testimony of that was so cool in it of itself. The Lord in this time, has put the desire for me to play bass again. It started out as a random though, but because I'm a worshipper/ musician, I was craving music in my life. Especially because I hadn't been connecting with my instrument at all. At the moment, I weighed out my options. A.) I can reach out to Todd from 12 springs and play there again. or B.) I can reach out to any church and churches I've attended, and offer my services. And to be frank, there's not many people in the world that are willing to offer to play bass, or any instrument on worship teams randomly for little to no pay. At least it seemed like that at 12 springs. So I thought, in my pursuit of playing bass in a church setting, I would have the carpet rolled out for me. lol. Not the case at all. In the midst of this, Scott had also invited me to church, (just to attended up to this point). So I've been a regular, and had seen that FOB's worship was authentic. Especially because I've been close with Scott all these years, and I know Scott wouldn't be up there, if it wasn't real, pure, authentic, wholehearted, and done well. Because Scott is a perfectionist, is a preparation fiend. Part 2

The invite. Such a small act, but when timed right, Can be very the apex or turning point of a situation. The difference between the blessing, and a curse. So Scott and I have been in chatting and connecting through cigars with Trent at Church, and that night, it was Josh Slabaugh, Trent, and Scott there. In Conversation, I heard Scott say in this realm, not in exact words but say "Yea it's just me and Josh tomorrow for the worship team. Understaffed? we are running a skeleton crew on the worship team." At least thats the takeaway I got from the outside looking in.

In my mind, I got offended slightly from Scott. I was shocked this whole time that he never asked me to play for the church. I understand now, his perspective, and have more grace knowing how Scott operates. He isn't one to Nag and push people to doing anything, unless he truly believes in the thing he is promoting. and I knew that in order for me to play, I would have to offer my services. So I did, and without hesitation, he accepted my offer.

So back to the perfect timing, It's amazing how God works because in the time I started going to FOB, there had been a lot of changes and transitions in the Church that I was unaware of until later.

  1. The church had undergone a huge church split, which decreased the attendance rate.

  2. There was a bass player that only played once every 6 weeks or so

  3. The worship team had lost a bunch of people so it meant less breaks and more work for the current ones.

  4. Prior about a year and a half ago up to the point I joined, one of the major pastors just left cold turkey, and Matt Pattison and others are deemed Elders of FOB.

Amongst other little details I probably don't even know about. But when I can tell you, is that I really fit in this church. I've loved the depth of my worship at this church. In which overflows into my personal life. One of the biggest factors of WHY I am a believer and a Christ Follower, is because of this one things. I worship a Father who embraces me. I'm being embraced, rather than tolerated. For this reason, I CHOOSE to be a part of what Gods doing at FOB. and as a sidenote, I'm consistently like this in every church I've ever played at. My motto is that "I worship not according to my situation and circumstances, But according to His Riches and Glory. For He is worthy to be highly praised, For all that Has done, and will do in my life. So I give it all in my worship, because he deserves it ALL." And to be honest, I believe everyone on the Worship team has this heart. Pair this element, in conjunction of partnered pre service prayer, and we have something Holy and Anointed. The Result equals a worship, in which the impossible becomes possible. Breakthrough and forgotten promises of the Lord are revived. Where God's people faith arises, and grows deeper roots than ever before. That which the enemy has damaged, becomes redeemed and restored in the name of the Lord. For the people who aren't redeemable, to be redeemed. This is what he does. He is a PERFECT Father. God the Healer, The Great I am. This is the God who we serve, Yahweh. Yeshua, Abba. Jehovah Jireh. Jesus. Amen

P.S, Super thankful for this Guy and All he does for the Kingdom and everyone he cares about. He's got a huge heart! This goes out to you BDP! Go Scottland.

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