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God, and God Alone!

This is Dale Bratton. I don't know how or where to start about this man, but all I can say is that he has been a blessing in disguise. Him and the whole Bratton family. and it's only right, that I share this amazing story with the proper foundation. That God had his hand upon this whole story of how i met Dale, Sandy, and Leslie. Here we go.

So i a great summer of doing door to door sales. It started around Oct 2020, and ended around Aug 2021. It was a tough gig, but I felt like God wanted me to take a risk that whole season. But it was all commission work. On top of that, my meal prep business was non existent. My financial state was at an abrupt hault, and I was worried about my income. At this time, i was living in a 450 sq ft apartment on bee ridge and I75. and there is a Panera Bread that I used to mooch Wi-Fi off of because I was cheap. So I walk in one morning on a mission. I had to line up a job or something. So i sat at a table where there was an outlet, and I could plug in a go to work. I called a couple of assisted living facilities, and nobody would call me back. I even started applying on indeed. but Nothing. Then comes Leslie Bratton. Leslie approaches me and goes "I couldn't help but over hear that you are a caregiver looking for work, is that correct?" and I said yes. and immediately she told me Dales situation, and how he was in Encompass, etc. So we exchanged numbers, and had one conversation on the phone. Then we met up in person, again at the same Panera Bread. And to be honest. From my experience of Caregiving, and writing Careplans etc, Dales whole situation is high risk. Especially for someone who had has back issues etc. Now mind you, If God hadn't brought me from a season of risk taking, that I probably would've denied this opportunity. but thank God I didn't.

I can go on and on about the trials and tribulations my experience of being with Dale. From this miraculous journey of recovery and hard work, to the love and support of his family and lovely wife Sandy. To all of the funny laughs we shared. The Bratton family has been such a light, and testimony of God providing to the fullest. That He is in control, His Will, not ours.

Gods Timing is Perfect. During my time of losing one of the most pivotal people in my life, . my Grandfather, God had another spiritual grandfather and grandmother, already lined up. In your life will you rarely ever meet people who are as wholesome, kind, and as giving as Sandy and Dale are. I was an outsider, a helping hand, that has become a part of the family. and for that I'm forever grateful.

To the Bratton Family, Thank you for encouraging my faith in Christ, and reminding me of what my grandfather always valued. Family

Love you guys! Amen

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