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His Will, Not Mine

Intro, So for those who don't know, I've been working in the Summer with Alder doing Door to Door Sales. This job has been tough, but as much as you have a lot of hard times, you eventually get a breathe of fresh air. Enter Shawn and Crystal Lucy.

I knocked this beautiful home and Family in Emporia, VA. I met Mr Shawn Lucy, at the door step, and have a such a great conversation, and met him and his wife. I was able to get them set up, in conversation, I mentioned that I was a chef, and although I don't offer this to many of my clients, but I'd be willing to cook for them. The reason why I offered this was because they were so grateful, welcoming, and down to earth, that I felt that I wanted to offer something for them. So I exchanged numbers, and he invited me over the next day to make them my Famous Chicken Fried Rice. When I went to cook for them, Mr Shawn literally treated my like a special Guest. He actually marinaded a 1 pound Ribeye Steak Just for me. Long story Short, These stories are the reason why I love Who I am in Christ, and the best part of working with Alder. To make Friends and Protect Families. Amen

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