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The Weapon of Ware-fare

Meet Isabella from Liberty University

So, I was dropped off in another area just knocking doors like any other. Then I met Isabella. She was a renter, that just moved into this home, and is currently renting. So as a sales rep, we don't make as much commission on renters, as we do with qualified homeowners. Knowing this, I usually don't give renters the time of day. I just quickly shut them down and walk away. But in this particularity instance, my spirit was trying to speak to me. I asked her a couple of questions to create small talk. How long you've been at Liberty, What does she do for a living, etc. But I do remember asking her a question that I wanted more insight on.

Isabella stated early in our conversation that she got confirmation from God to go to Liberty University. She stated that she is from Jacksonville Fl, and it was a toss up between Southeastern, or Liberty. She stated that she Prayed and consulted God before she made this decision. The question I asked her was "How to do you know God gives you the green light to make the proper decision?" I had an idea of what I thought the answer might be, but curiosity was upon me. She said this

  1. When she thought about the decision, she had a peace within her Spirit.

  2. Consistent Signs pointing toward the decision (AKA Confirmation, or what I like to call "White Flags" To add to this, She said to me that in that season, she had been seeing this random bible verse all over the place. So when she went to Liberty's Campus, she saw painted bricks with scriptures on them. In which she encountered one of the scriptures that she had been seeing all over the place prior. (Super White Flag!)

But here was the best part!

In the midst of the conversation, I felt very strongly on a prophetic word for you. This is what I said.

"You are Worshiper right?"

"Yea, how did you know?" Isabella Said,

"I said I can just tell." I said. when she described a bit about herself.

The Prophetic Word

Then I said "You are a Worshiper, and you are important. You have the Weapon of Warefare. The tool that destroys the enemy plans. That this battle we fight is not of Flesh and blood, but of Spirits and Principalities. You have been distant from your instrument and I feel like the Lord is calling you back into a place of worship. To reconnect with your instrument, to draw near with the Lord through Worship. The Lord see's the reservation from the Church, and being a worship leader, but it is time to Arise and Shine. You are a General leading an Spiritual Army." .

I will never forget this moment in my life. The reason is because I remember telling her this, just out of faith, and as I started speaking truth over her life, I saw the Lords words pierce her heart. She started breaking down and tear up. So much so, that I started to breakdown and tear up. I understood why I was there. I realized that this prophetic word wasn't just for her, and to encourage my faith. This Word was not only for her, but for myself as well. A couple days prior, I've have several experiences that has drawn me to pick up my guitar, and just reconnect with music. Understanding that I love Music and that I am a Worshiper.

Philippians 1:6; “being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (ESV)

You will concede? Surrender, and Let the Lord in? Cause he Will finish, and knows whats best for your life, more than you could even doctor up in your own mind. Cause he is an intimate, personal, loving God that knows you specifically. Amen

Fun Fact

White Flag Signs

  1. She is from Fl, and I live in Florida!

  2. I was thinking of a christian school that was in Florida, but I couldn't remember it. As I mentioned where the school was from, she said "Southeastern?!?!?!" She then followed up with "OH MY GOSH, those were the two schools I had to choose between!" It was bugging me that I didn't remember that school.

  3. She had a conversation the day before about the power of Worship. And how it changes things!

  4. I met a Worship Leader the day before who is also a guitar player.

  5. She was an Enneagram 7 just like me!

  6. When I met and prayed with Isabella, it was day one in her new home, and that she said that God provided this home for her!.

Thanks Isabella for the encouragement. You are going to be Great. You thought you're fire has dwindled to an ember, But What the Lord showed me was that your Fire was so Grand, that it has ignited my fire, and fueled my Spirit. This is your call. To Worship the Lord, and to learn how to worship from a place where it doesn't drain your spirit, but uplifts. How Worship with never let your spirit Run Dry. Amen

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